Advertiser Register

Advertiser Register

Add extra deals which are not in network feeds.
Edit your deals.
Delete deals which have ended early.
Edit Advertiser details we have stored about you.
Add further details such as Twitter, Facebook, eMail, Skype Telephone etc.
Your Twitter feed can be embedded into your page.
Edit your page to include promotional messages to affiliates.
View your ad unit impression stats.
View your ad unit referral urls.
View the affiliate IDs which are using your ad units.

Informing your affiliates of your AdvertiserHub page will greatly increase the promotions of the deals you get full control over.

Most promoted are linked to from the homepage, this will attract new potential affiliates.

Amending your deals to include product images will vastly increase conversion rates.

In order for us to import your deals from the networks it’s required that we are accepted into your program.