Code Snippets

An explanation of each of the available code snippets


This is for wordpress websites only and requires our plugin to function, the advantage of the shortcode option is that you can get far more flexibility customizing the cosmetics as we upgrade the plugin, also you get all the files which generate the ads so you can update it yourself if required. The shortcode can be paste into any post, page or text widget.


This is for any platform (including wordpress), the advantages of it is that you do not require a plugin, but you don’t get any flexibility customizing the cosmetics. The Javascript can be paste into any wordpress post, page or text widget, or directly into the coding of your website.


This is to be used in PHP coding only, the advantages of this is that you can pass variables directly into the code snippet so you can automatically generate different ad outputs, but like Javascript you have no control over the cosmetics of the ads.


This is for developers only, the advantages of this is that you get 100% control to do with it whatever you like, whether that be creating your own custom ads, to creating your own plugin to distribute to your clients.